We take pride in delivering world-class and 100% ethical eye care to all of our patients. View video testimonials from some of our patients who have undergone surgery at Krishna Netralaya or read written testimonials from some of our patients who have been treated at Krishna Netralaya


Cataract Surgery Testimonial

Mr. Sharma, who got cataract surgery done at Krishna Netralaya for both his eyes, describes his experience.

Cataract Surgery Testimonial

Mrs. Dixit, who got her cataract surgery done at Krishna Netralaya, describes her experience.

General Testimonial

Husband of a patient who underwent cataract surgery at Krishna Netralaya had some nice words to say to Dr Aditi Agarwal

Cataract Surgery Testimonial

Mrs. Umravati Devi, who got her cataract surgery done at Krishna Netralaya, describes her experience.

LASIK Surgery Testimonial

Mother of Sophie, who underwent LASIK surgery at Krishna Netralaya, describes their experience.

Cataract Surgery Testimonial

Mrs. Nagalakshmi, who got cataract surgery done at Krishna Netralaya, describes her experience.

Cataract Surgery Testimonial

Mr. Manikant Tula, who got cataract surgery done at Krishna Netralaya, describes his experience.

Cornea Treatment Testimonial

Mrs. Sulochana was treated at Krishna Netralaya for a Cornea problem.

Corneal Collagen Cross-linking (C3R) Surgery Testimonial

Mrs. Kaur, who got C3R surgery done at Krishna Netralaya, describes her experience.

Cornea Treatment Testimonial

Mr. Singh was treated at Krishna Netralaya for a Cornea complication. Later brought his wife for Cataract Surgery.

Cataract Surgery Testimonial

Mr. Chowdhury, who got cataract surgery done at Krishna Netralaya, describes his experience.

Cornea Treatment Testimonial

Dinesh was treated at Krishna Netralaya for a severe and long-standing Cornea problem.


"A very satisfying experience with Dr. Aditi. She is a gem of a person and very patient with kids. I would definitely recommend Krishna Netralaya to all my friends and acquaintances."

Priya Singh

"For quite sometime I have been looking for a good eye specialist. I am quite happy to have found one. Dr. Aditi is a very thorough and patient doctor. She is just the kind one would always prefer to consult. A very pleasing personality. All the best to her."

Geetika Gupta

"Very good set-up and consulting process. Good luck."


Sourav Saha

"Krishna Netralaya provides top class eye care to patients. The center is well equipped, spotlessly clean and patient friendly. Dr Aditi Agarwal is a top class ophthalmologist, highly competent, caring, courteous and has always a pleasant disposition and pleasing manner. My wife was operated upon for cornea transplant by her and her vision has been fully restored. One of the best is the business of eye care."

Mrs. Naglaksmi

"Have no words to express my gratitude"

Aryaman's mom

"Got an instant and bespoke treatment for an eye injury which appeared as a big risk. Thanks to Dr. Aditi that my daughter is absolutely fne just in a week. Big thanx and please keep up the good work."


"Finally found a place in gurgaon. I am visiting regularly with confidence. Excellent and detailed way of explaining things is really appreciated."

Rajni Nair

"It is a welcome difference. Such a positive attitude and service orientation is rare to see in medical professionals today. I wish great luck to Krishna Netralaya.!"

Vikrant Singhal

"Thanks it was a great experience. I am quite satisfied with the diagonosis and the overall experience."

Adiv's mom

"It is a different kind of experience to come to this clinic. Thanks for the detailed professional yet positive vibe. Thanks!"

Debashish Das

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"Dr. Aditi is a very good doctor, quite thorough in her approach and patient while answering queries. It was a good experience. Have brought my son also for a check-up."


"The doctor has been the most supportive and helpful. We would like to say a big thanks to the doctor team for making the patient feel better. Appreciate the staff for being so courteous. A BIG THANK YOU!!!"

Jaspreet Kaur

"Krishna Netralaya is an excellent eye clinic headed by a top class eye surgeon."

Sunil Sonawane

"Fully satisfied with the service, professionalism and fairness of the doctor"

Harish Jindal

"Happy to have found a good eye clinic near to our home. Experience was really good and comforting for my kid who had his eyes checked"

Asmit Bohra

"Fabulous experience!! Very gentle and yet professional. Please keep it this way. All the best!!"

Sandhya Mathur

"SIMPLY FANTASTIC. We are fortunate that we visited Krishna Netralaya. Thanks. All the best."

Muskan's father

"Wonderful experience especially on getting to know about the thought behind. Really glad to have this center within our reach"

Sakshi Sahani

"Dear Doctor, It was a pleasurable experience to have treatment with you. Very practical and candid treatment. Thanks!"


"Dear Dr. Aditi, thanks for all the support, consultation and care. Your on-time performance has been good, while waiting time has been minimum. Appreciate that you are blessed with a healthy spirit which brings goodness in life and makes you to live fullest. I can only pray this for you."


Sanket Shubham

"I am deeply moved with the behaviour and treatment of the doctor and the staff."

B. N. Bezbora

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