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Krishna Netralaya is born out of the belief that medical care ought to be delivered 100% ethically. This belief is captured in our vision for Krishna Netralaya - “Offering high-quality eye care…ethically” and in our motto - “Building faith in medical practice”. At Krishna Netralaya, these are not hollow phrases but something that defines how we choose to conduct ourselves. We have taken a pledge to hold ourselves to the highest standards of medical ethics. Specifically, our pledge says


  • We will give our patients 100% honest medical advice…always

  • We will not take ‘cuts’, referral fee or kickbacks from anybody

  • We will not give ‘cuts’, referral fee or kickbacks to anybody

  • We will never force any treatment on any patient

  • We will be open to and encourage patients to seek a second opinion if not fully convinced with our medical advice

  • We will treat all our patients with care and courtesy

  • We will always do the right thing for the patient and never take shortcuts


We would have accomplished our vision when every single patient who visits Krishna Netralaya will walk out without any doubt in his or her mind that he/she got the best medical advice, driven solely by his/her best interests and delivered with 100% honesty.

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