Get Advanced Cataract Surgery by the Best Cataract Surgeons of Gurgaon.

Team of specialist Cataract Surgeons at Krishna Netralaya is one of the best in Gurgaon

Not all cataracts are same. There are Nuclear Sclerotic cataracts, Cortical cataracts, Posterior Sub-capsular cataracts etc. Then there are soft cataracts and hard cataracts. For your cataract surgery our team of specialist Cataract Surgeons brings together experience of thousands of cataract surgeries across all types of cataracts.

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Highly sterile and well equipped Operation Theatre and full range of IOLs

In an Operation Theatre, it is the small things that matter e.g. quality of sterilisation. At Krishna Netralaya we have Class B autoclave (the highest category) from W&H Europe ensuring the absolute best sterilization for all instruments used in the surgery. Our Cataract Suite has  advanced imported equipment e.g. Phacoemulsification System for cataract extraction from Abbott USA, Surgical Microscope from Topcon Japan etc. to ensure your cataract surgery is world-class.

We offer our patients the full range of Intra-Ocular Lenses (IOLs) - be it monofocal, multifocal, trifocal or toric - from the best global and Indian companies. Our surgeons can help you choose the best IOL for your cataract.

Two very convenient locations in Gurgaon on Golf Course Road and Sohna Road

F-04 Central Plaza

Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

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304 Vipul Trade Centre

Sohna Road, Gurgaon

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304 Vipul Trade Center

Sohna Road, Sector 48

Gurugram, Haryana - 122018


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F-04 Central Plaza Mall

Golf Course Road, Sector 53

Gurugram, Haryana - 122002


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