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Feeling anxious about your upcoming Cataract Surgery! Some Dos and Don’ts to help you prepare.

Updated: Feb 23

It is natural to feel anxious before a surgery. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you prepare for your #CataractSurgery from Krishna Netralaya - best Eye Hospital in Gurgaon, India.

Diagnostic Tests before Cataract Surgery

  • Few days before your Cataract Surgery, you will be required to undergo “A-scan biometry” to determine the power of the Intra-Ocular Lens (#IOL) that will be implanted in your eye during the cataract surgery. This will be done at your eye hospital.

  • Your doctor may prescribe some other diagnostic tests depending on your medical history e.g. blood sugar, urine routine, ECG etc. Get these done and make sure you bring along all the test reports on the day of the surgery.

Medications / Eyedrops before Cataract Surgery

  • Your doctor will prescribe some eyedrops to be put in the eye that is to be operated for 2-3 days before the day of the surgery and some eyedrops to be put on the day of the surgery. Your doctor may also prescribe some medicines to be taken before or on the day of the surgery. These eyedrops/medicines help reduce the risk of post-operative infections and other possible complications. Make sure to follow the instructions sincerely.

  • Make sure you tell your doctor about all the medicines you are taking. Your doctor may ask you to temporarily stop taking certain medications such as blood thinners.

Other things to note

  • Take a bath and wash hair on the day of the surgery to help maintain a clean surgical environment. Please note you may not be allowed to wash hair for 1-2 weeks after the Cataract surgery. If you have long hair, tie them in a loose plait.

  • Wear clean, comfortable clothes.

  • Have only light meals during the 3 hours prior to the scheduled surgery time. In some cases your doctor may ask you to fast for 12 hours before the surgery.

  • Don’t wear eye make-up. Avoid cosmetics and perfume etc.

  • Don’t wear jewellery when going for your surgery.

Have more questions about Cataract Surgery? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Aditi Agarwal - best Cataract Surgeon in Gurgaon, India

All the best for your CataractSurgery!


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